I love to code and make fun and interesting things.

nerdy coder

In early 2019 I attended a Lighthouse Labs boot camp in Victoria, British Columbia. This was my first formal coding training. Although very a very grueling time, I really enjoyed the challenge of learning a new skill. Since that time I have been continually learning and trying out new and exciting technology. (and some old and not very exciting technology, read CakePhP) I am always looking for new projects and collaborations to work on next. For the last several years I have been working on computer lab deployments in rural Myanmar. This has given me the opportunity to work on the Internet in a Box project. It has been a fun journey creating learning modules and working to incorporate many different projects into one.

Tech Savviness:

    <css /><html /><react /><gatsby /><nodejs /><python /><php /><linux /><postgres /><netlify /><vagrant /><virtualbox /><mongodb /><git /><ajax /><jquery /><bash /><linux /><vscode /><ruby on rails /><svelte /><php />