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Throughout the country side in Myanmar it is easy to see machines taking over the agriculture work thus leaving many people without work. Education in computers and technology creates new avenues for future jobs. Learning computer skills is essential moving forward as the internet of things progresses rapidly. Most of the population in the rural villages have never seen a computer. Without computer skills the chances of finding gainful employment greatly diminishes, as the globalization of the world relies more and more on technology.

panoramic view of computer lab

Myanmar Computer Labs initiative installs low cost, low power consumption computer labs and training in rural schools in Myanmar. A computer lab for 20 client computers and an Internet in a Box server cost around $5000 CAD. Currently each lab has a trained teacher and provision for maintenance. Myanmar Computer Labs doesn’t take ethnicity into consideration while building computer labs, but takes the need and viability as requisites for building.

girls typing on computers

Myanmar Computer Labs initiative has over 30 middle schools and high schools awaiting to be outfitted with labs with more requests coming in every year. Your donation will go to the purchase of computers, battery backups, an Internet in a Box server (loaded with educational and training material which is accessible without internet access). The speed and number of computer lab deployments will be based on the generosity of you the donor.